Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repair

If you need an urgent roof repair in Fife, call us today at 01383 432 498.

We do not charge for calls, so keep your roof safe and prevent further damage to the roof.

We are available 24 hours a day to attend your emergency repair.
Even the best roof in the world may need emergency repairs. The roof of your head is your first line of protection against Mother Nature and other harmful elements - it protects your home as your company and especially your family or employees. The different weather in Scotland means you don't have time to prepare for specific weather conditions, or you may be completely surprised when the wind picks up and starts playing with your roof tiles or lawn.

We will arrive immediately and investigate and resolve your roof emergency quickly and economically. We can usually provide a temporary solution immediately and then advise on repairs or repair options if the situation requires it.

If you find a small leak, place a piece of rope nearby and place a basket under it. The water should flow through the rope to the america, instead of to your floor. This will prevent further damage to your home.

For thicker drops, drill and drill a hole in the ceiling so that water can drain out (make sure your tool stays dry until the bone stays). Place the bowl on the bottom to gain current. This will prevent the ceiling from filling up with water – and possibly collapsing.

Get in the habit of checking your home regularly for leaks or water damage to identify problems before they get worse